Do you remember the midnight clerk ball ... | James Jacques Joseph Tissot


French painter James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836-1902)


Do you remember the midnight clerk ball

How to waltz could be heard in the living room?

We are in the twilight of flickering candles hide

That dripped on the old harpsichord ...

Until the keys just touching the hand,

Accord took I remember, carelessly,

And you, me leaning his head,

Whispered something infinitely gentle ... ...

Unplayed sonnet in my heart I keep -

One day I will perform it for you ...

A quiet, "I adore you"

I prayerfully remember every word ... Thank you for a fabulous sunrise,

What we find in the living room window ...

Presented amulet for good luck ...

And peck ... almost innocent ...

Will you, my hero,

More ever in this world?

After all, only a mountain does not converge to the mountain ...

I do not know what else I answer you ...

Well, except that, in the midnight silence

The moon, as of old, shines lonely?

And amulet ring prophesies me

That whoever sweet heart, always Daleko?


Forgive me inexperience line

Emotion and writing style vintage ...

Farewell. Let God keep you ...



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