Do you remember the midnight clerk ball ... | James Jacques Joseph Tissot


French painter James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836-1902)


Do you remember the midnight clerk ball

How to waltz could be heard in the living room?

We are in the twilight of flickering candles hide

That dripped on the old harpsichord ...

Until the keys just touching the hand,

Accord took I remember, carelessly,

And you, me leaning his head,

Whispered something infinitely gentle ... ...

Unplayed sonnet in my heart I keep -

One day I will perform it for you ...

A quiet, "I adore you"

I prayerfully remember every word ... Thank you for a fabulous sunrise,

What we find in the living room window ...

Presented amulet for good luck ...

And peck ... almost innocent ...

Will you, my hero,

More ever in this world?

After all, only a mountain does not converge to the mountain ...

I do not know what else I answer you ...

Well, except that, in the midnight silence

The moon, as of old, shines lonely?

And amulet ring prophesies me

That whoever sweet heart, always Daleko?


Forgive me inexperience line

Emotion and writing style vintage ...

Farewell. Let God keep you ...



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Being a woman - a magical art ...


Being a woman - a magical art ...





Women's soul is full of secrets,

Hides an amazing fire -

Pure and holy light source -

Loyal, frank, dear! ..


Female soul in words and thoughts

Inconsistent, confusing sometimes ...

Dual incidents from the life

He likes to make miloyu game! ..


Women's soul is full of excitement,

Joyful and enthusiastic and alive! ..

Sad-bezrassvetnyh revelations ...

Dreams magically sun-colored! ..


Female soul ... end ... I hear ...

Feels ... dreamily floats! ..

Sensitivity and gentle caresses breathing ...

Happiness wonderfully lit! ..






Easy and leisurely gait

She smiled proplyvёt,

Gently dressed impeccably

In divinity bears.


She - a mystery and vision

Of the magic and beauty ...

Wish secret execution

Around it you will see ...


In her eyes the love shines

Soul in them joyfully sings.

Caring heart warms,

Warmth melts the ice ...


There is no power in the gentle embrace,

It is fluid, like a river,

And rounding all the bad weather,

Finds its way through the centuries.


No, not a riddle, and vision,

His weakness is strong! ..

And if I only wanted,

The world would have fallen at her feet! ..




Being a woman - a magical art:

Do not give love for, and contrary!

And in our hearts is not empty,

Warmth will warm lights of love!


Being a woman - a special good luck:

Giving life to be together forever ...

Being a woman - not an easy task,

To re agreeing to echo "yes" ...


We came into the world the beautiful flowers,

That shone life of beauty!

Consent shall be with us

And my heart will let the path of purity !!!




When a woman glows with happiness,

From the soul pours her love,

She believes that life is beautiful

Any day, absolutely any ...


When a woman is weak,

Takes care of loving,

It is easy to be obedient,

Humility enjoying themselves ...


When a woman is soft and gentle

Surrounds the love of others,

In her heart lives serenity:

Quiet paradise without sorrow of the world ...


When women light prayer

The whole family protects against adversity,

In it yourself feeling happy,

The Lord protects her life ...

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French painter Pierre Chevassu more than 20 years of his artistic career devoted female portrait subject. His women are elegant, enigmatic, symbolic. Pierre Chevassu repeatedly been awarded all sorts of awards and diplomas.

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Your caravel already set sail, I do not remember me, and loved me not to consider ... The artist Yuri Sorokin


  Your caravel already set sail, I do not remember me, and loved me not to consider ... The artist Yuri Sorokin


Your caravel already set sail.

How long have you dreamed of this - winged as May.

Another half an hour before high tide, another half an hour.

Tailwind you, Captain, and goodbye!



Inferno 2

And now, singing a song of wandering wave.

And I was late in my dreams, in the looking-glass was given,

A couple of centuries, on a half-life, a quarter of an hour.

Why is sad, my good? What are you! Look -



Your caravel already set sail.

And has all windows large ocean surf.

And I was late for a century and a quarter hours,

A lifetime and a brief meeting with you.


Location melancholy, if the wind is raging in the blood?

Do not remember me and loved me, do not believe

And there, in the roaring latitudes do not call me -

My angel sad cherish you always will be.