What is the transparent painting and "optical gray"

Transparent painting is known to be the easiest painting technique on the shelf, dating back to the 15th century. It was the traditional European painting technique of the 19th century. Transparent painting is mainly to color masking, so that the two colors through the visual harmony to produce a third color, it is derived from the third harmonic color and physical harmony although the same hue, but the visual effect is not the same, the former is more deep, With a jewel-like luster.

In the process of painting with transparent painting, the sketch of a painting is done without the use of color. The so-called non-use of color, refers to the form of high-profile monochrome composition and the image of the volume to determine the sense. The color is then added in a transparent, thin or glossy color.

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Transparent drawings include:

(1) transparent color was significant. Generally in the background and the subject matter of the dark with no powder or less powder to paint multi-layer color, revealing cloth patterns and background.

(2) thin transparent cover color. In the middle tone on the gray brown with dark brown or silver gray to draw more stringent plain oil painting, to be dry after the cover transparent color, transparent color to avoid too much transferred to white, so as not to affect the transparency. To this end, the end of the plain painting needs to improve brightness in advance, leaving room for multi-layer cover color.


(3) thick transparent cover color. Refers to the end of the painting painted smooth surface and the end of the surface painted with a thick coating of transparent color. Thick coated smooth surface refers to the first use of thick color to be dry when the sweep, dry cover after the transparent color. This method is used for classical wind oil painting. For example, the light-receiving part of the skin with thick painted pigment, so dark background and other parts of the thickness of the distance. Thick paint pigment is not dry with a brush gently brush smooth strokes smooth, dry and then cover transparent color, can achieve both thick and transparent crystal effect.

"Optical gray" is a visual representation of a transparent painting. Ancient artists in the Tampere or oily color on the use of resin varnish enamel stained, coated with a transparent or translucent coating, so that the layers exposed through the overlap, resulting in a strange color of transparent gray - "optical gray" . This transparent gray and deployed out of the gray, the visual effect is not the same. It can not be achieved by direct painting. Rubens was then known for creating optical gray, and he told his students, "At least the last layer of darkness should be transparent." Figure 29 is Rubens's oil painting.


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