Emerald hills and malachite dunes: the natural magic of the Palouse region, USA

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Emerald hills and malachite dunes: the natural magic of the Palouse region, USA

The fertile land of the agricultural region of Palouse, located in the northwest of the United States, is a true miracle of nature. Juicy meadows resemble a disturbing sea or a divorce of pastel colors of a talented artist. In the palette of the artist-nature this time was the green of the hills and dunes, as well as the rich dark color of fertile soil. Palouse - a real paradise for photographers, but still this area remains almost unknown.

Palouse farmland covers t Nicolas Carone paintings

he southeastern part of Washington, the north-central part of Idaho and even extends to the south and north-east of Oregon. The Palouse is located south of the town of Spokane, with an area of ​​about 3000 sq. M. miles, here grow wheat and legumes.

The original picturesque silt dunes Palouse formed thousands of years ago during the ice age. On the territory of the modern Palouse numerous hills have formed, which represent a chaotic alternation of hills and valleys. The steepest slopes can be located at a slope of 50% in relation to the slope, and the minimum range of heights from 5 to 130 cm in depth.

Unlike other prairies of North America, the Palouse is a naturally formed part of the ecosystem: here the land was not burned out and the cattle were not grazed massively. In the Palouse, originally there were endless meadows, but with the advent of European settlers in the 19th century, intensive agriculture began to flourish. The consumer attitude of the agrarians led to the fact that there are practically no local plants left on the Palouse, most of the prairies today are reserved for farmers' fields, in addition, small towns appeared here.

Unfortunately, human activity once again jeopardized the existence of the picturesque prairies of the Palouse. Everything that still reminds us of the former endless beauty is unique plants that lonely run along the paved roads and railroad tracks, on the outskirts of plowed fields and equipped pastures, along the remaining rivulets and in open areas by miraculously unmade pine forests.