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Since mid-July to go abroad back to finish painting assignments ( five ) later , no longer finishing off my painting exercises , it seems a bit lazy , busy finishing most of this period photos and write travel travel abroad , but also to clean up the broken due to moisture agent makes the whole wardrobe caught the mess , the other facilities are also home situation , they wanted to take the opportunity to organize a little home environment , discarding unwanted items or send recycling and, if necessary replacement of old doubled, so recently seemed particularly busy , time never seems like enough hastily , suddenly took another two months , really " time flies " ah !


This is a well-known painter does not own , original paintings more realistic , trees are split , because there can not draw that kind of feeling , but do not want exactly the same according to art , so do some modifications , and finally into the present the same again.


Next, Van Gogh 's brush strokes and want to learn the use of color , would have another copy of a Van Gogh still life works, but has been unable to complete it ( always feel strange, thought for a while had the idea come to complete ) , this is the first secondary copy of his work , or find someone to a relatively small scene to learn , and perhaps not so difficult to complete the comparison .


This is the second out painting , time is early March this year , the location was Jingtong , because painting experience is not enough, the teacher has not yet arrived, a few people just choose to paint subjects to find a period of time , the results the first day I chose a painting because "King " too big , he painted a picture really does not go half a day Thomas Kinkade Winter Glen painting, the last for another Hui relatively simple theme redrawn , barely completed a , sketching still need more practice job With experience , however twice , then go to the next sketch theme when we believe, would be more easier for my son.

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