Indoor shoes production

Bill of materials:
1. Indoor shoes version to prepare an approximately A4 size white paper. Children standing to delineate real size paper, fine pencil along the foot, one leg can be.
2. Uppers with cotton to better thick cotton cloth, home also thick cotton cloth, generally cotton, but should be separately prepared cotton coffin enhance the shoes coated
Shoes bottom with cotton to thin cotton can
Shoes bottom with single-sided the glued Houmian coffin, non-woven also
5. Uppers with the sided attached rubber padded coffin (vamp cloth thick cotton do not need padded coffin)
Hand stitches, wire, cloth scissors and general scissors
7 feet, beads, pins and silt (generally fine pencil also)
8 version of the type of paper to thickness then can
9. Soles slip cloth

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