Girls dream of the red-soled shoes: Christian Louboutin


This article is not to show off the text, just want to record for yourself ......


As a girl always dream of marching high heels, elegant and sexy walk

Will wear only on special occasions because of their work has been missed and high heels; rarely buy high heels

Saying that France is a country of fashion, but I do not look at fashion magazines, never wear jeans to go to work, take a share with fashion .......

Days MOMO master asked me if I know Paris shoe king specifically for the big star, Hollywood actress are wearing shoes of this store

I shook my head, but I think of sex and the city manager who face heroine, the plot manager should have mentioned Oh! That the heroine has hundreds of pairs of high heels

MOMO immediately google let me know, turned out the store's shoes are very, very "bright red" sole "noble"! Really high heels price is expensive "

(Those who are interested can use google Images, many store design high heels models)


MOMO master shook his head and said: Oh ah I have to teach you "fashion", really!!! Who is female!

I answered: ha ha ah, if you ask me this year's Nobel Prize winner who is? Or life sciences issues, then I must be the correct answer immediately; ask me I only know a few big brand LV, Chanel, Dior fashion, that is all !


This week MOMO Paris on business, drawing on my right foot version, mysterious to give me a surprise

Friday night at home, back to the "surprise" to me!

...... He actually bought a pair of lady shoes sent me, too beautiful!

MOMO said he took his shoes version ask the clerk, the clerk was shocked, may feel that he is loved carried away the first fool, ha ha
The clerk was kind to introduce his shoes, to discuss the type and size of my feet, and finally bought a pair of black low-heeled basic models, wearing nothing good match!

When I opened the shoebox, exclaimed again and again!!!
Exclaimed with me!!!
See shoes that moment, really is like a work of art shoes unreal .....






(Attached to the sole with two small screws)








I like Cinderella trying on shoes ..... foot wear into very tight, but the width

I carefully measured my feet wide 8cm the shoes only 7cm pity .....

Every other day a phone call to the store to discuss, can be returned, but the clerk said shoes leather, stretch

Usually recommend customers to buy tight some wear a few times, the shoes will be stretch very fit ......

Well, I did not dare to try walking shoes fear of the shape of shoes stretch, there is no way to replace or refund ......

Honestly shoes is really very beautiful, but try soles only about as big as the area of ​​1 cm2 is so I can not walk normally

Really very beautiful women admire those riding on the high-heeled shoes walk!

I told MOMO his mind but no thanks, but this shoes to buy only let me on the shelf, and really no way to walk wearing the roots

Otherwise, I can only wear at home Niuyaobaitun ha ha joke to him ~ ~ ~

I think I will take to return it, in my heart, these shoes are not always the most beautiful ...

I want to be a record of this "red high heels", thank MOMO I love

Honestly he is a fool, always the best thing I left on their own body and belongings, only care about food a fool .....


This record, perhaps I bicker with MOMO quarrel, I can come up with to read vent its anger, I remember he told me good, I remember his silly