Fitflop_Supertone girls fitness leisure shoes, let you off the road thin body



Has been bought for his wife to wear this pair is nearly a month, just haven't had the time to share

Can let the wife try to play again after the result ~ ~ ~ ~

Fitflop shoes is this didn't come in for a year or two of Taiwan's new brand, main is: let you off the road thin body!!!!!!!!!!!

Through the special design and material, to increasing calories when you walk in, but also reduce the load of the knee

This is a pair of in lake Costco to buy, a pair of impression seems to be 2990 yuan


Compared with the department of Taiwan's agent also pretty is much cheaper

The wife 39 and 40 feet long, you can see is made in Thailand


Shoe open way is different from other, is made of smoke (in paper I have been to lost!!!)


Shoes side as well as its Logo, can vaguely see the vamp is made of genuine leather to make!!!!!!!!!!! (straight through the traces of)


Positive and sole pictures


Close-up sole! Special material can see fitflop "micro WOBBLEBOARD" with non-slip soles

The Chinese called "the mother of garden". always been "squeaking"


Overall, although the price of this pair of shoes has can buy very good shoes

But sneakers in the tie-in sex always poor ~ ~ ~ even if again good technology, no wear or use less than!!!!!!!!!!!

Also people rarely movement, currently at work is usually went shopping, and go to the toilet water or it

Holiday is to go to the street, a scenic spot for a walk! Mountain climbing or slope too Fitflop sandals almost don't go

So I tried to convince his wife to buy this a pair to wear, just to "walk can movement" at least it is worth buying

Until now has only through ten times, but every time I ask her to wear away feeling she replied that is good to wear

Walk up and will have the feeling of the body forward, so imperceptibly many took a few steps (arc sole relationship)

And it is comfortable to walk all day feet won't ache!!!!!!!!!!!

Another day I have to buy a pair of men's version of good!!!!!!!!!!! After all, I most often do sports is to walk the ~ ~ ~


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