How should we save a good picture

Since dust in the air is easy to absorb moisture buildup on the screen especially helpful invisible mold spores grow, so we must understand the dust on the canvas with a certain destructive.
The painting picture protection methods Edward Henry Potthast paintings typically include: (1) coated with a protective varnish (varnish) (2) install a layer of glass in the frame, coated with a protective varnish, not only can adjust the picture gloss, good light oil can really protect the pigment layer, dust and other contaminants from the direct damage. However, the correct use of glazing not every artist is to understand, including the type of varnish, paint Varnish Varnish removal timing and other problems. If you use the wrong varnish, not only can not protect the screen, but will never hurt the work itself.
Another yellowing varnish aging problem seems to be inevitable, which is the main drawbacks, such as aging yellowing coating reservoir, it must be cleaned to remove. Because of this difficulty in the work process, it still requires specialized knowledge and tools to carry out, they are not harmful to the original Edward Henry Potthast A Day at the Seashore Painting. For every year or every few years, put oil on it again re-varnished, is quite the wrong way, because the original varnish is not removed, then varnish on it will be unnecessary to increasea the descendants restoration of paintings troubled (refer paintings worth value repair)



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