She's always been a little cat ...


She's always been a little cat,
She loved to sleep and milk
And under the glove of each palm
Fine concealed five claws.

When her big eyes shining
The moon reflects the light of a slightly
It seemed this cat,
Ready for the sudden jump.

She slept up under a blanket,
And sometimes do not sleep,
But every day in spite of rain and troubles
Ease was hilarious.

Not everyone could stroke her fur,
Another, who was passing by the hour,
Ruffled by the ear, but wanted a cat,
To someone good cat tamed.

Fluffy snow magic it seemed,
A chocolate - a cure for separations,
By dawn, the gentle touch of her dream,
In the dream, she dreamed of a pair of warm hands.

It was conceived out of boredom games
But soon tired of the games and -
So often a plush tiger skins
Cat hiding shabby and not a tiger.
Flickering light moonlit path,
Almost hear her footsteps in the night ...
Once and for all out cat
That you could not tame.

Marina Shershnev

from (my paintings for sale)