copy Claude Monet Poppies at Argenteuil Classic oil painting


Three of them were painted on the same day, but the process was slow. After drying, the mother and the companion of the man's ticket use, the pigment drop is more serious, the practicality is not strong


The second oil painting was painted on the evening of the year (2016.12.31), so it was painted very quickly and finished in only four hours. Monet's "the sun goes through the houses of parliament", with a feeling of great adoration for monet to complete the painting.


As soon as I got home, I bought a lot of materials, the colors and oils of Windsor Newton, the color palette of the middle sheng, the bristle pencils, the frames, the easels. The material that the two people draw with male ticket adds up to about 600 yuan ~ ps: if the wood palette is not to be read, recommend one-time color palette, don't ask me how do I know

When the material arrived, start painting right away!

The third copy is from Vincent van gogh's "the starry night" (2017.1.11)


The fourth is monet's "water lilies" (2017.1.16)



Claude Monet Poppies at Argenteuil Classic oil painting reproduction

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