January 30 - Father Frost and Snow Maiden Day

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January 30 Father Frost and Snow Maiden Day

 Despite the fact that almost a month has passed since the beginning of the new year, today is a great day to remember this merry holiday. After all, today, January 30, - Day of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden!

This is an ancient pagan holiday, when our ancestors told children stories and legends about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. One of them - about how the Snow Maiden fell in love with the whim of the goddess of love, Leli fell in love with a man and so, with the advent of Spring, she did not fly to the North, but melted from the bright sun rays.


On this day, the Slavs revered the enemy of Perun - Moroz, the winter hypostasis of Veles. According to legend, Moroz was married to the Snow Queen, the daughter of Mary and Koshchei. Frost and the Snow Queen had a beautiful daughter, the Snow Maiden. The day of San Pablo Antonio Milan art for sale

ta Claus and Snegurka symbolized the approach of the end of winter and reminded of the soonest Carnival.

January 30 Father Frost and Snow Maiden Day

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