Edward Manet. Portraits

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Edward Manet. Portraits


 Portrait of Lina Campenon

 Portrait of Marguerite de Conflans in the head cape

 Lola from Valencia
oil, canvas
Lola de Valence
Musee d'Orsay

Young woman in a round hat
oil, canvas
Young Woman in a Round Hat
Private collection

1866 The Tragic Actor (Rouvière as Hamlet)

Chez le Pere Lathuille
oil, canvas
Chez le Pere Lathuille
Musee des Beaux-Arts de Tournai

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Édouard Manet
 Antonin Proust

Édouard Manet
Boy in Flowers (Jacques Hoschedé)

Edouard Manet
 Méry Laurent

Édouard Manet
Portrait of Monsieur Brun

Édouard Manet
 Woman Lying on the Beach. Annabel Lee

Head of Jean-Baptiste Faure (1830-1914)

Jean-Baptiste Faure (1830-1914)

Isabelle Lemonnier with a White Scarf

Jeanne Martin in pink dress, 1881

oil, canvas
La Parisienne: Study of Ellen Andree

Lady in a fur, 1880

Lady with Fans, Portrait of Nina de Callais - 1873 - 1874

Madame Auguste Manet, 1865

Madame Édouard Manet (Suzanne Leenhoff, 1830-1906)

Madame Manet at Bellevue 1880

Madame Manet in conservatory, 1879

Portrait d'Ernest Hoschedé et sa fille Marthe

Portrait of composer Emmanual Chabrier, 1880

Portrait of Emilie Ambre in the role of Carmen, 1879

Eva Gonzalez
oil, canvas
Eva Gonzales
National Gallery-London

Portrait of Faure as Hamlet, 1877

Portrait of M. Pertuiset
oil, canvas
Portrait of M. Pertuiset, the Lion Hunter
Museu de Arte Moderna de Sao Paulo

Portrait of Madame Bryne
oil, canvas
Portrait of Madame Brunet
Private collection

Portrait of Monsieur Tillet, 1871

Portrait of Suzanne Manet, 1870

Portrait of Mademoiselle Isabelle Lemonnier

Self-portrait with skull-cap, 1878

The Artist (Portrait of Gilbert Marcellin Desboutin), 1875

The Boy with Cherries, 1859




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