Unrequited love

I want & nbsp; want to be appreciated & nbsp;
Blue, & nbsp; As Glare, & nbsp;
Soblazing, running blindly & nbsp;
Horizonte, away from the eye. & Nbsp;
Yahotelabey Whitebird, & nbsp;
As a friend of our team. & Nbsp;
To help us warm up, & nbsp;
Sunsteped if it was crazy. & Nbsp;
Holes must be filled with & nbsp;
Void-scented vanilla, & nbsp;
Share the Keys, & nbsp;
Where the beautiful farms are. & Nbsp;
Helen Hyde paintings for sale
Helen Hyde The Home of Gabriel
Avzamenproshuhyanomnogo- & nbsp;
Opportunity, & nbsp;
To a nebula. & Nbsp;
The rest is probably not necessary. & Nbsp;
Inspired, do not care. & Nbsp;
Helen Hyde The Home of Gabriel
Love the good property- & nbsp;
Not asking reciprocity, even & nbsp;
If there is a disturbance.
& nbsp;

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