April Fool's pigs.



What is poposenok?

Hoc pumyany - a paz,

And on top of VAPOUR carotid,

VAPOUR dobpyh blue eyes.

I pposche you ppokaznik,

Bezobpaznik young

Because so ppekpasen

This tail curled.

Poposenok uttered important:

"Whether it will wait.

I have my tail after bath

Hakpuchu in curlers. "



Artist Christine Haworth.












Calm Sea with Setting Sun














Once there were pigs, Three cheerful amicable brother.

Summer run, play, Frost is not expected.

Soon came the autumn, piglets warned:

"We need to build a whole house: Soon you will come to the winter!"

Straw house his Junior made ??under a pine tree.

An easy roof folded, Hibernate underneath decided.



Average also not asleep: House of twigs collected.

Thought to live in a tent in the winter chilly at times.

Well, the older brother of labor and certainly not lazy.

Of the stones he built a house to live in peace in it.

Stones picked long, strong walls assembled.

Made windows, roof, door, will be a warm house now.



Wolf came into the clearing, and straw house found.

He breathed heavily - and the house Has departed whole straw.

Junior immediately ran to the hut, where the average was asleep.

Wolf tent decided to break ... To eldest had to flee.

The wolf saw the third house and climbed into the pipe on it.

With boiling water into the pot fell to the forest with fear fled.





Laughed pigs. Began to live together three brothers.

More wolf did not come, the Party of the rounds.

by Claude-Joseph Vernet

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