Jim Warren

The strange and wild in soft and sensual, Jim Warren has been painting for over 30 years into the hearts and minds of people around the world. Already considered a "living legend in the world of design," Jim grows and changes constantly. Its diversity is singular portraits of celebrities, CEOs and families, illustrations of books, movies and album covers. In particular, Jim earned a Grammy Award for his design of the 1981 Bob Seger album "Against the Wind". Its splendid oil paintings included in major exhibitions in the world. Recent drawings of Jim and his classics, are now published in high quality limited edition (inkjet printing on canvas).

Born November 24, 1949 in Long Beach (California), Don and Betty Warren. His brother Rick was 2 and his sister Kathy, 5.

Beginnings: I started drawing at 1 year, as all children. I experienced the usual succession of choice of occupation: artist, magician, designer, rock star, designer, etc. I officially decided in high school, in 1967, a designer, a "rich and famous" precisely, was what I was going!

Tools: painting traditional oil on canvas I first smear of gesso. I only use brushes, no airbrushing, as some have thought sometimes.

Training design: basically I am self-taught. I learned some basics in high school drawing. In college I took several courses in life drawing, and I always studied the great masters in the museum.

design philosophy: to hell with the rules ... paint what you like.

Some of the favorite Jim achievements:

1975: I attended my first public exhibition, and I won first prize.

1978 Jazz greats Billy Cobham and George Duke ordered me the cover design of their first album.

1979 I received the first prize of Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, the Westwood show.

1981 Grammy award for best presentation, for the first album of Bob Seger "Against the Wind".

1990: I painted "Earth ... Love It or Lose It". This design received congratulations from critics, was taken over in posters, magazines, billboards, T-shirts, etc., and quickly became the visual symbol of the global environmental movement.

1992 I launched the idea of ​​painters collaboration with the famous designer of marine, Wyland, exposing the specialties of the two artists ... marine (Wyland) and portraits (Jim).

1992-1993: Comic Images released two sets of Jim drawings trading cards. Each has 96 cards.

1997 to celebrate 30 years of drawing of Jim, his fans persuaded him to release his first book entitled "The Art of Jim Warren: An American Original".

2000 my biggest achievement to date, and which tolerates no rival, is the number of letters and calls I received from people telling me as my drawings were stimulated or had informed their days.

Now Jim Warren lives in Clearwater (Florida) with his wife, Cindy, his daughter Drew (born 1992) and son (born in 1994). Stepdaughter Rebecca (born 1974) lives in California. Jim believes that care for close family while having a demanding career is one of his greatest victories and thanked his family for their support and help. The whole family help for his drawings, assisting the art director, assistant (his wife) and Models (his children).

Translated from the author's website, with permission.

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