Barry Yang about childish spontaneity

Children knowingly plastered all possible plots in his work - Barry Ian himself began to paint at a young age, he just turned six years old. Subsequently, this Chinese artist graduated from the private college of fine arts, and then entered the civil service - he found work of the editor of design and art in the state newspaper.

Barry Yang an enthusiastic traveler, he traveled his homeland, the continent, and eventually the whole world. Therefore, he has enough grounds for preferring the simplicity of the rural community to the loud, obsessive noise of the metropolis. He is especially sensitive to the tiny villages of his homeland, and most of the children's portraits were written in his travels through the mountains of Tibet. One could say that the artist skillfully shows their natural beauty and innocence, but the fact is that the children themselves do not hide it. Of course, to reflect such emotions on the canvas is a great art. And more contact: the child will never sincerely trust a stranger, so Barry and his wife stay in the village for a long time in order to establish contact and communication with local inhabitants.



Barry Young's portraits have been exhibited all over the world Michael Cheval art for sale. In 1980, he was awarded the prize for the "Beautiful Creation", created by the Shanghai Institute of Arts. Perhaps this popularity has also influenced popularity, but since that time Barry Young has not sold any works. His portraits are adorned with the most outstanding collections of the world, and from the nineties of the last century the artist emigrated to Canada. And still lives away from the lights of big cities.





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