Anfisa Zinchenko Honey Spanish landscapes


My God, what sun!

This moment of sunrise
Ran a wave after the heart
Threw smells from childhood
And went to wander around the house
And the world exploded, rays
A goblin and a fluff
In front of a crystal fairy tale
In the beauty of its bottomless
And at some instant
Time arched ... and foaming
To the shore of the big universe
The soul endured ...
And fell silent
And what was this life:
All the lights, houses ... roads ...
Voices ... noises ... worries ...
Everything was gone ... and it became empty ...
And easy and weightless
Pure, joyful and new ...
Infinitely and tremendously ...
Flowing through space
Tears ran down his eyes
And in the rays - a path in the dew
In this life and in this sun

Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva





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