Poetry and painting: Igor Severyanin and Stanislav Zhukovsky

Poetry and painting:







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Igor Severyanin and Stanislav Zhukovsky

Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky (1873 - 1944).
"Easter still life", 1915


Easter in St. Petersburg

The hyacinths smelled in the dining room,
Ham, cake and Madera,
It smelled of the supper of the Passover of Christ,
Orthodox Russian faith.

It smelled like the sun, the window paint
And lemon from the female body,
An inspirationally cheerful Easter,
What was ringing around the bell.

And at the monument to Nicholas
Before the Great Sea,
Where was the pavement of the ends,
I smelled of plaice.

Because of the glasses washed to the Feast,
Because of frames without sand and without cotton wool
The city stomped, rang and clinked,
Kissed, enthusiastically embraced.

It was sweet for the belly and the spirit.
Young people raced, flowers prikolovshi.
And the elders, although it was dry,
Fur coats, cotton wool in the ears and galoshes ...

The poetics of religion, where are you?
Where is poetry religiosity?
All the "idle" songs are sung,
"Business" is now serious ...

Let it be ridiculous, ridiculous, silly
It was in my young years,
But my heart was hugging
That is peculiar only to Russia!

Igor Severyanin, 1926

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