POETRY OF THE SILVER AGE. Konstantin Balmont


Konstantin Yuon. Domes and swallows. Assumption Cathedral of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, 1921


Annunciation in Moscow


Annunciation and light,
The pussy willow.
Or as if there was no grief,
Right, really?
Evangelism and laughter,
Kidneys flushed.
And on the streets of all
Blue flowers.

How many blue flowers,
Taken from the snow.
Again the world is fresh and new,
And everywhere is negative.

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I see old Moscow
In the young dress.
I laugh and I live,
The sun is in every eye.
From the ancient Kremlin
The ringing floats by the wave.
And in the moats there is a land
Young grass.
In a little grass
A dream of spring and summer.
Annunciation in Moscow,
This is a holiday of light!
Konstantin Balmont

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