... a duet for violin and viola!

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 ... a duet for violin and viola!

Mozart was very warm and with great respect for his older colleague Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806) (the younger brother of the composer Joseph Haydn), with whom they were in Salzburg together in the service of Archbishop Colredo. And in the following years, when Mozart left Salzburg, he did not lose contact with a friend and colleague. Biographers of both composers like to give the following story. In the autumn of 1783, after arriving in Salzburg from Vienna, Mozart learned that Coloredo had commissioned Michael Gaydn for six duets for violin and viola.

Haydn was seriously ill, did not get out of bed and therefore could not finish the work, writing only 4 duets. The archbishop refused to pay the fee until he received the entire series, so Haydn sat completely without money. Mozart entered the position of a sick comrade and in just a few days he wrote 2 missing duets, sending them to the customer signed by Michael Haydn. Probably, the archbishop did not learn about this "forgery" until his death.
Characteristically, both duets of Mozart are often performed and recorded, while Haydn duets are not known to the general public.

Duet for violin and viola G-dur, KV 423 (1783)
Duo for violin & amp; viola in G major, KV 423

Duet for violin and viola B-dur, KV 424 (1783)
Duo for violin & amp; viola in B flat major, KV 424

David Samoilov "Duet for violin and viola" ...

reads K. Raikin

Mozart in light sweat
I walked home.
There was a wonderful excitement,
It's a crazy day.
He looked with a cheerful eye
On people
Composer Mozart Wolfgang
Around him was a linden leaf
Easy ringing.
'Tara-tara, tili-tiki, -
He thought.
Yes! Company, drinks,
But the duet for the violin
And viola.
Let take his art
How much is the feeling
And mind!
Composer Mozart Wolfgang,
It's a lot, -
How much is required, as much
And give ...
Ox, and there will be A Sadamasa Motonaga art for sale

At home.
And for a whole week -
Black ice.
Not a word, no smile.
But the duet for the violin
And viola.
Yes! Pay should be
On the World
For the fun and joy
At the feast,
For wine and for mistakes -
But the duet for the violin
And the alto!

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