Restore the exchange of calcium

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Restore the exchange of calcium

Like water - calcium is the "basis of life" of the body. Not everyone knows, but it is calcium that starts the same potassium-sodium pump that determines water metabolism in tissues, blood composition and directly affects not only the state of the cardiovascular system, but also directly on the heart ..

Yes, the heart is an ordinary muscle - but just potassium, is extremely important for the normal operation of the heart, but its exchange depends on calcium. So, the conclusion is ...

Calcium in our body is also a "building material". Literally like cement. Not for nothing that before builders buil Cy Twombly paintings

t on a mixture of chalk with eggs - a complete similarity. It has been centuries.

But we need to take care, because the exchange of calcium directly depends (determined ...) on the state of the bladder (so in the body there ...)

Urinary - a thing not reliable, easily comes to a state of "delight" (spasm) simply from stress. And when it's not enough ... ???))) If you also get cold and antibiotics "treat" something just with a guarantee ...

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