"We are Russian - what a delight!" AVSuvorov





DEAN paintings

An eccentric person with false-sad

"Huddling" in the cabin of his "Porsche"

Said: "I am ashamed to be called Russian.

We - a nation of drunks inept. "


Solid appearance, demeanor -

All devil cleverly thought out.

But ruthless virus Degenerate

Stoch ingloriously all his insides.


His soul is not worth a penny,

As yellow leaf with broken branches.

But the descendant of Ethiopians Pushkin

Not burdened by his Russianness.


Consider themselves Russian rightfully

And rises from his knees homeland

Creators of Russian maritime glory

And Bellingshausen and Krusenstern.


And not tolerating worldview narrow

Trying to look beyond the horizon,

Considered it an honor to be called Russian

Scots - Greig, de Tolly and Learmonth.


Any one of them is worthy of admiration,

Indeed, the homeland sing - for them the law!

So he gave his life without regret

For Russia the Georgian Prince Bagration.


Our language - a multi-faceted, accurate, true -

That heals the soul, it reeks like steel.

Eh, we are able to appreciate it immensely

And know him, as he knew Dane Dahl?


Yes there Dahl! And in our time a lot eh

Possessing great language

No worse than the crest Mykola Gogol,

What was once a sign of Pushkin?


It is not necessary to knock his head against the wall

And furious saliva splashing in vain!

"We - Russian!" - So said Shevchenko.

Carefully read kobzar.


In the soul of filial love nurturing,

All my life I have worked to seven pots

Suvorov, Ushakov and Mendeleev,

Kulibin, Lomonosov and Popov.


Their names were on the tables

As the true history of the basics.

And among them as a pillar The old man Derzhavin

In whose veins the blood of the Tatar nobleman.


They go - that servant, the Messiah -

Carrying his cross on his shoulders bowed down,

As was carrying him in the name of all Russia

A descendant of Admiral Kolchak Turk.


They love instilled and nurtured

From age-old origins and roots.

That - Russian, whose soul lives in Russia,

Whose thoughts - about my mother, about her.


Patriotism does not sell to the load

It takes boots or coats.

And if you're ashamed to be called Russian,

You, my friend, not Russian. You - one !!!

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