Bouquet of wild flowers in the paintings of artist Michael Yaremkiva


Brutsky Nathan paintings

Michael Yaremko was born in Lviv region in 1957. He graduated from the Art Department of the University of Carpathian Vasyl Stefanik specialization - monumental art. Nature landscapes, still life and genre composition - a favorite genres of the artist. I want to offer you to view pictures of wildflowers. Bouquet of wildflowers - most often found in the paintings of the artist. Gentle, bright, juicy, full of life wildflowers in bouquets and loose gladden the hearts of the audience. In his paintings the artist puts soul. He uses the technique of impasto (thick juicy smear technique) and alla prima (painting in one session). Experimenting with different techniques, he gets his own unique style that captivates. The audience's attention immediately attracts the relief pattern. Thick, juicy brushstrokes literally rise above the surface of the canvas and the picture immediately becomes volume.





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