January 30 - Father Frost and Snow Maiden Day

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January 30 Father Frost and Snow Maiden Day

 Despite the fact that almost a month has passed since the beginning of the new year, today is a great day to remember this merry holiday. After all, today, January 30, - Day of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden!

This is an ancient pagan holiday, when our ancestors told children stories and legends about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. One of them - about how the Snow Maiden fell in love with the whim of the goddess of love, Leli fell in love with a man and so, with the advent of Spring, she did not fly to the North, but melted from the bright sun rays.


On this day, the Slavs revered the enemy of Perun - Moroz, the winter hypostasis of Veles. According to legend, Moroz was married to the Snow Queen, the daughter of Mary and Koshchei. Frost and the Snow Queen had a beautiful daughter, the Snow Maiden. The day of San Pablo Antonio Milan art for sale

ta Claus and Snegurka symbolized the approach of the end of winter and reminded of the soonest Carnival.

January 30 Father Frost and Snow Maiden Day

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Glass craftsman master Dale Chihuly

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Glass craftsman master Dale Chihuly

Glass, perhaps - is one of the most amazing materials created by man.
       Dale Chihuly is the master of amazing glass.
Dale Patrick Chihuly is an American glass sculptor (born 1941 in Tacoma, Washington, USA). Chihuly finished high school in Tacoma. Supported by his mother, after the death of his brother George in an accident in Florida and the death of his father from a heart attack, he entered the Puget Sound College (now the University of Puget Sound) in 1959. A year later, he moved to the University of Washington in Seattle, where he studied the internal design, architecture and blowing glass.

Along with several other glass artists, and with the support of John and Anna Hoberg, Chihuli founded an influential Glass School in 1971 in Stenewood. Chikhuli lives and works in his studio. Having lost his eye in a car crash in 1976, Chichuli lost the perception of the depth necessary to handle casting himself. Instead, he comprehends every project with paint and canvas and then hires a team of artists to do the work. His masterpieces can also be seen in designer hotels in many cities around the world. One chandelier hangs in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

... each work of Chihuly is unique and exists in a single copy ...

The work of Chihuly is the story of his life. His fascination with the abstract nature of shapes comes from his mother's garden in the town of Tacoma, Washington State. His love for the ocean had a huge impact on his work. Over the past 40 years, the glass sculptures of Chikuli have been revealed in color, design and unusual construction. His work varies in size and color. Fame brought him multi-part blown out of glass masterpieces. His interest in the culture of Ireland led to a series of works "Irish Cylinders," which, in fact, are much more modest in the concept than the pretentious work of blown glass.
Some of the work of Chikuly covers the huge ceilings of casinos and hotels, while others are just abstract flowers the size of a palm tree. Chikuli uses intensely bright colors and linear ornaments to revitalize his work.

The work of Chihuly can be learned easily. He works in different styles.

The works of Chihuly are made in the technique of Venetian glass

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Dale Chihuly is considered to be one of the most significant contemporary artists. Over the 40 years of his creative work, he has created many works of art from glass, and today he has everything that a creator can dream of: a master's reputation, thousands of admirers, permanent exhibitions in the best museums in the world, orders from presidents, sheikhs and Hollywood stars,
 One of the main merits of the maestro is that he managed to overcome the technical limitations associated with the fragility of glass, and literally make a technological revolution.


Restore the exchange of calcium

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Restore the exchange of calcium

Like water - calcium is the "basis of life" of the body. Not everyone knows, but it is calcium that starts the same potassium-sodium pump that determines water metabolism in tissues, blood composition and directly affects not only the state of the cardiovascular system, but also directly on the heart ..

Yes, the heart is an ordinary muscle - but just potassium, is extremely important for the normal operation of the heart, but its exchange depends on calcium. So, the conclusion is ...

Calcium in our body is also a "building material". Literally like cement. Not for nothing that before builders buil Cy Twombly paintings

t on a mixture of chalk with eggs - a complete similarity. It has been centuries.

But we need to take care, because the exchange of calcium directly depends (determined ...) on the state of the bladder (so in the body there ...)

Urinary - a thing not reliable, easily comes to a state of "delight" (spasm) simply from stress. And when it's not enough ... ???))) If you also get cold and antibiotics "treat" something just with a guarantee ...

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