Leo Jamelli. From the life of a modern geisha.



Japan is hard to imagine without a samurai or a geisha who did not become ghosts of history, but remain in the culture and traditions of modern Japanese.
The word "geisha" includes two characters: gay - talent, xia - man. Thus, a geisha is a talented woman.
It is clear that not every Japanese woman can become a geisha.
Geisha - literally "man of art." It can not be seen on the streets of modern cities, subject to the high tempo of modern life.
Industrialization supersedes the geisha from everyday life.
If at the turn of the thirties representatives of the "geisha shop" numbered about 80 thousand, then in the early 90s - less than 10 thousand people, and their number continues to decline.
Nowadays a geisha can be seen, unfortunately, only in expensive restaurants-clubs, where the entrance is often open only to permanent members of the club, and on special shows, with the help of which an ordinary Japanese and guests of the country can get acquainted with the art of a geisha.
Perhaps the only exception is the Gion quarter in the ancient capital of Kyoto, where the geisha have lived for more than 200 years.
There, a geisha can be seen on the street or in a taxi car - hurrying to work in his private salon.




Geisha Kyoto - the most famous in the country. It is in Kyoto that there are schools of maiko-pupils of geisha who have been studying art for about 10 years, singing, dancing, making up, wearing and wearing kimono, holding a tea ceremony, playing the shamisen - a national three-stringed instrument, and also learning the secrets of the special skills of conversation with men.
It is believed that one of the main reasons for the attraction of geisha for men is their ability to lead a relaxed, free conversation, the ability to thinly flatter their male self-esteem.
Geisha today is a kind of fragment of the old feudal way of life. Caught in a completely different social and cultural environment, they as a phenomenon have undergone great changes, but retained their main purpose - refinedly entertain guests.



The process of geisha training is not easy. Firstly, after ten years, like in big sports, it was too late to start learning anything, and secondly, to become a geisha in Japan is not an expensive pleasure. Parents gave future geishas to special homes and, making a payment for their education, parted with their child for a long time.
Among the skills that the geisha received, there were many curious, but also as much, at a modern point of view, useless: calligraphy, the art of serving drinks, singing poems, more reminiscent of meowing.
To a separate art can be attributed and the "scenic image" of a geisha: the ability to wear almost a twenty-kilogram garment, which can not be removed without assistance, shoes okobo, in which you can move only small seeds, as well as make-up.
Obligatory porcelain whiteness of the face was achieved by inhuman victims: first a layer of cream was applied to the face, then the wax was rubbed for dullness, and finally the face was powdered with powder from lead and nightingale droppings. This unpleasant combination was torn from the face with inhuman efforts.
The geisha was also fixed with wax, and not to break the beauty, for a few days (until the next washing of the head and laying) the poor girl had to lie reclining, putting a hard roller under her neck.


Many geisha know intimacy, but it is unlikely that their description fits into the frame of this post.
I would like to say only one thing, which is just as impossible for an ordinary person as it is interesting.
Geisha can master their lips and tongue masterfully and for this they perform many exercises.
Do you want to learn this? Practice as a geisha!
Take the "tails" of cherries or sweet cherries and try to tie them in your mouth with a knot.
Does not work? And they can! )))



by Leroy Neiman art for sale


Anfisa Zinchenko Honey Spanish landscapes


My God, what sun!

This moment of sunrise
Ran a wave after the heart
Threw smells from childhood
And went to wander around the house
And the world exploded, rays
A goblin and a fluff
In front of a crystal fairy tale
In the beauty of its bottomless
And at some instant
Time arched ... and foaming
To the shore of the big universe
The soul endured ...
And fell silent
And what was this life:
All the lights, houses ... roads ...
Voices ... noises ... worries ...
Everything was gone ... and it became empty ...
And easy and weightless
Pure, joyful and new ...
Infinitely and tremendously ...
Flowing through space
Tears ran down his eyes
And in the rays - a path in the dew
In this life and in this sun

Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva





Summer sleep (dreaming)


View from the window



Sunset. The Caf¨¦.



Symbols of an olive

Leroy Neiman paintings for sale


Barry Yang about childish spontaneity

Children knowingly plastered all possible plots in his work - Barry Ian himself began to paint at a young age, he just turned six years old. Subsequently, this Chinese artist graduated from the private college of fine arts, and then entered the civil service - he found work of the editor of design and art in the state newspaper.

Barry Yang an enthusiastic traveler, he traveled his homeland, the continent, and eventually the whole world. Therefore, he has enough grounds for preferring the simplicity of the rural community to the loud, obsessive noise of the metropolis. He is especially sensitive to the tiny villages of his homeland, and most of the children's portraits were written in his travels through the mountains of Tibet. One could say that the artist skillfully shows their natural beauty and innocence, but the fact is that the children themselves do not hide it. Of course, to reflect such emotions on the canvas is a great art. And more contact: the child will never sincerely trust a stranger, so Barry and his wife stay in the village for a long time in order to establish contact and communication with local inhabitants.



Barry Young's portraits have been exhibited all over the world Michael Cheval art for sale. In 1980, he was awarded the prize for the "Beautiful Creation", created by the Shanghai Institute of Arts. Perhaps this popularity has also influenced popularity, but since that time Barry Young has not sold any works. His portraits are adorned with the most outstanding collections of the world, and from the nineties of the last century the artist emigrated to Canada. And still lives away from the lights of big cities.